404 oder „The God you are looking for was not found“

Ich weiss, ich weiss: Ich bin blogfaul. Aber wie ihr wisst, kann man seit geraumer Weile mehr von mir auf G+ lesen.

Damit hier keine gähnende Leere herrscht, habe ich die Ehre folgenden Gastbeitrag von Flo Eulenspiegel zu veröffentlichen:

I remember the first time I saw Him. He was tiny, like piece of gravel. With His red coat and black dots, He didn’t look so omnipotent. The realisation hit fast; God was a ladybug.

Even more peculiar was His location. There, in the Buddhist garden of the French Museum for Religion and Theistic Science, sat He on the on the giant stone hands of a statue of Buddha. The composition of this huge, almost intimidating idol and the tiny, delicate divinity that was Him made me wonder.

Why do we always make our Gods so scary? Did we need a force that was more powerful than us to get us to be nice to each other? Why couldn’t Our Lords and Saviours need a little saving too once in a while?

Obviously, we are all children of the universe. That is an undeniable truth. I’ve been to every place there is in my mind, I’ve held the seven world wonders in my hands. Why would any God have more influence in the ways of the universe than me?

I get Him to crawl on my hand, His steps more tickling than forceful.

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